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2015-04-25 06:57:42 by ZombieFistGames

I drew this picture. titled armada!



To anyone who wonders

2015-04-24 21:41:32 by ZombieFistGames

I actually draw quite frequently i just dont post them here because this is were i feel i should post my best art. over on my facebook i throw out a lot of SFW doodles


Skully the skeleton

2015-04-20 03:42:08 by ZombieFistGames

I drew this skeleton up. its stupid but probably one of my favorites



So no more fake ass shit

2015-03-24 03:49:43 by ZombieFistGames

So i havent always been straight up with you guys. I honestly have no fucking idea when either of these games will come out. honestly im barely working on them because i stuff i need to do. i dont know if they will ever even be finished but i think it will.... Probably. i also am aware that im not the best artist or twitch streamer or youtuber i am well aware and anyone who has ever been a dick and called my art garabage or my videos stupid and shittly edited. fuck you i dont care. and if i lose followers for this i honestly dont give a shit

So i threw this together of the last few hours its pretty fucking strange but i love it. its the first real thing im putting on the internet and i dont care if it is well recieved or not.


So lately ive been feeling like shit because ive had many oppurtunies to buy game and play games or get a new system but right now i just...dont wanna play games anymore. ive been feeling so burned out because i feel all video games are to easy and dont pose any challenge and i cant tell if im still in love with gaming or if it was just a major part of my life i really hope my brain is just taking a little break. Also i cant build a game when i dont wanna even play games

I got some buttons made and functioning so yeah

so i spent a good hour or two designer just a simple strait away platform stage that was very high in detail but i had to scrap it due to an error caused in the code

today i didnt get anything done but i did get a major boost in inspiration and happiness.So i going to try and work a lot tommorrow since its so late now.

day 7 and 8

2015-02-17 21:44:45 by ZombieFistGames

So on day seven i decided to throw together two web comics which can be found under my playlist "my shitty web comics which i drew everything for so i hope you like them.


Day 8 i didnt get around to doing much do to the fact that i am ill so i will be pushing back the platformer day another day or two